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ESOF 2012, Euroscience Open Forum

From 11th-15th of July 2012 international researchers, policy makers, business leaders and global media will gather in the Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland to take part in the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF), 2012.

A science conference like no other, ESOF 2012 is unique in representing the largest convergence of the Sciences, Humanities and Culture in Europe in 2012.

ECSITE, 2012

In the heart of Southern France, nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, is a charming city balancing rich cultural heritage and modern innovation. Cité de l’espace, in Toulouse – France’s fourth-largest city — is the proud host of Ecsite’s 2012 Conference, 31 May – 2 June.

6th Full Dome Festival in the Jena Zeiss-Planetarium

The Jena Zeiss-Planetarium will host the 6th FullDome Festival from May 8th to 12th, 2012. The organizers invite all fulldome producers to submit their latest productions to the 2012 FullDome Festival. It is open to all fulldome producers worldwide. In 2012, full-length feature shows withlengths between 20 and 45 minutes will be welcome again. Students are especially encouraged to contribute. Remaining a regular program item, the Student Festival will present, and award prizes to, fulldome sequences created by students at home and abroad. The Festival will culminate with a Saturday-night gala of the best entries in the categories of student contributions, professional clips, and of the winning full-length show. The thematic focus in 2012 is on the concept of »Dissolving Space«, a term that may be freely interpreted in all categories.

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