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Summit 2017 February 22nd - 26th

A world of fulldome films, featuring premieres, festival winners, short films and new works in production

Engaged in  professional development sessions on topics that really matter

Spontaneous Fantasia performed by J-Walt

Recognizing Dr. Donna Cox for her lifetime achievements in immersive scientific visualization

You will return to to your own reality with important new skills and inspiration


Hope you made it to Denver for our international Summit of leaders from the Planetarium, fulldome, VR, Giant Screen and themed entertainment communities.

The 2017 IMERSA Summit continued our conversation between converging business sectors, shaping the industry with fulldome film showcases, exhibits, technology sessions, and abundant opportunities for networking with pioneers in immersive experiences.

In the past two decades we have witnessed a dramatic convergence of technologies and techniques under the dome and in exotic immersive environments, fueled by innovations in virtual reality, numerical simulation, 360 cinema and immersive performance arts.

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The 8th annual IMERSA Summit was a valuable opportunity to join the conversation between converging worlds of VR, themed entertainment and immersive cinema. This prestigious event helped to shape the industry with curated film showcases, technology sessions and abundant opportunities for networking.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science was again our a host venue for the Summit. 

Fulldome Shows

IMERSA followers have helped us select the following fulldome shows for 2017!

  • Aurora: Lights of Wonder, Metaspace, Republic of Korea
  • Art Universe, 360Art.Pro, Thailand
  • Hello Earth, Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium, Poland
  • LICHTMOND 3 - Days Of Eternity, Co-produced by Planetarium Hamburg and blu phase media, GERMANY
  • Incoming!, California Academy of Sciences, USA
  • One Day On Mars, Planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan, Canada
  • Planet Nine, Adler Planetarium, USA
  • The Man from the 9 Dimensions, Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation,Tokyo
  • The Secrets of Gravity - in the footsteps of Albert Einstein, Softmachine Immersive Productions GmbH, Germany
  • The Secret World of Moths, Nordic Fulldome Production, Heureka - The Finnish Science Centre, Finland

Short Films

  • Special Places: Writing-on-Stone, Appropriate Entertainment and Full Circle Visuals, Canada
  • Keep Searching, Meditative Entertainment and Dreams Lost In Time, USA
  • Sinkholes in Yucatan: Doors to Another World, Planetarios Digitales, Mexico
  • Topographical by Nature, RedLine, USA
  • 200 Years Carl Zeiss, Carl Zeiss AG, Planetarium Division, Germany
  • Intensional Particle, Dome Installation, Hiroaki Umeda, Japan
  • Selas, Eugenides Foundation Planetarium,Greece,
  • Starts of the Stars,, INCEPTION Studio, Egypt
  • A Tale of Scale, Aayushi Fulldome Films, India
  • Multiversos,, Juliana Arias Ruiz, Columbia
  • Firework – Magic, SphereMotion.com, Czech Republic
  • Cernunnos, Society des Arts & Technologies / NEST Immersion, Canada
  • La Luz Ma’s Alla’ Del Brillo Y El Color, Planetarios Digitales, Mexico
  • Bioinspire, VOID, Turkey

Works In Production (WIP's)

  • Mars 1001 Teaser, Mirage3D, the Netherlands
  • Earth II, SphereMotion.com, Czech Republic
  • Kyma, National Film Board of Canada, Canada
  • Faster than Light: the Dream of Interstellar Flight, A co-production of Spitz Creative Media, Mirage3D, Thomas Lucas Productions, Inc



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The Speakers

  • Audri Phillips

    Audri Phillips

  • Carolyn Collins Petersen

    Carolyn Collins Petersen

  • Carson Malone

    Carson Malone

  • Chuck Rau

    Chuck Rau

  • Dan Neafus

    Dan Neafus

  • Dani LeBlanc

    Dani LeBlanc

  • Ian McLennan

    Ian McLennan

  • J-Walt Adamczyk

    J-Walt Adamczyk

  • Jose Zuniga

    Jose Zuniga

  • Ka Chun Yu

    Ka Chun Yu

  • Kent Maahs

    Kent Maahs

  • Kim Nichols

    Kim Nichols

  • Kwon Ochul

    Kwon Ochul

  • Maciej Mucha

    Maciej Mucha

  • Maren Kiessling

    Maren Kiessling

  • Mark Petersen

    Mark Petersen

  • Mark SubbaRao

    Mark SubbaRao

  • Matt Heenan

    Matt Heenan

  • Maxime Pivin Lapointe

    Maxime Pivin Lapointe

  • Michael Daut

    Michael Daut

  • Monica Bolles

    Monica Bolles

  • Moody Mattan

    Moody Mattan

  • Nick Lake

    Nick Lake

  • Paul Fraser

    Paul Fraser

  • Paul Mowbray

    Paul Mowbray

  • Robin Sip

    Robin Sip

  • Ron Proctor

    Ron Proctor

  • Ryan Jackson

    Ryan Jackson

  • Ryan Wyatt

    Ryan Wyatt

  • Sam Stevens

    Sam Stevens

  • Samantha Richards

    Samantha Richards

  • Sebastien Gauthier

    Sebastien Gauthier

  • Tina Ratterman

    Tina Ratterman

  • Tom Casey

    Tom Casey

  • Ty Owen

    Ty Owen

  • Yuri Kostenko

    Yuri Kostenko

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