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Front Pictures has been developing and implementing innovative visual solutions since 2003. Our team consists of experts in the field of video and interactive design, engineering, and software development. We create software and technical solutions for both the entertainment and education industries.

Our work ranges from creating media content to building fulldome hardware, software, and architecture.Starting in the realm of 3D graphics, Front Pictures entered the world of extreme high resolution video in 2005. We produced 5504 x 768 px content for Djuice Nokia Video Drive — a mind-blowing record at the time.

In 2009, our exploration of touch and tangible video interfaces resulted in a world tour with the futuristic “i.m. table” music instrument that we had created for Ukrainian DJ “The Maneken”. For that project, we used a combination of touch and projection technologies.

With the help of our unique Screenberry media server, Front Pictures pioneered 3D mapping and water-screen projection in Ukraine in 2009. This led to some of the projects that we are the most proud of - the festive architectural mapping on the belfry of St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev for the city’s 1530th anniversary and the grand water-screen projection show “Swan Lake - The Fantasy” for the Roshen Fountain in Vinnytsia.

We premiered in the world of fulldome environments at the KaZantip Rave Festival in 2010. There, we tested for the first time our digital calibration software for dome projection. We spent the next four years as technical suppliers of fulldome solutions. We strove to make projection systems more affordable, easier to use, and more environment-friendly. To that end, we developed a single server approach where just one machine can connect and output video to up to 72 projectors (3D/8K/60fps). This innovation enabled us to make more than 100 installations of our fulldome systems all over the world, including at the Kiev Planetarium and Brno Observatory.

Front Pictures

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