See you at IMERSA17

See you at IMERSA17


On behalf of the IMERSA Summit 2017 team, we want to extend a western welcome to you all! It’s exciting to bring so many friends together from around the world here in Denver. We have organized this annual summit to explore provocative topics with veteran experts and foster dialog with visionary thinkers from many disciplines. Together, we search for common ground as we all navigate a landscape of fast-paced technological and social change.

Over the years, members of our fulldome community have demonstrated the remarkable gift of working together for the common good. The rewards of doing so are great. As IMERSA enters its ninth year, we have strengthened our diverse community by bridging the worlds of giant screen cinema, themed entertainment, gaming, virtual reality, planetariums, computer graphics, science visualization, and informal learning. Through cooperative dialog with our affiliates, we find new ways to leverage our resources and work together to create memorable and transformational experiences that resonate with audiences.

We want to extend a special greeting to newcomers. You’ll learn much from our formatl presentations, and spellbound by our community-selected group of fulldome films. These range from experimental works to international festival winners. They combine pioneering workwith some of the highest standards of the fulldome medium. Over the next few days you will meet and hear from many of the creators of these outstanding films.

We are very pleased to recognize Dr. Donna Cox with this year’s lifetime achievement award which honors those who have made a lasting and positive impact on our world of dome screens.
Congratulations to Donna and her colleagues!

Realizing that we’re all vendors and participants in this diverse marketplace, we are pleased to again present our Pro.Show. Thanks to the efforts of coordinator Mark C. Petersen, this special event—held in the beautiful Museum atrium—allows us a rare opportunity to meet face-to-face with fellow providers.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to the entire IMERSA team for elevating this year’s Summit to a new level. Our event professional development chair and IMERSA Director Michael Daut has worked tirelessly with his team to organize this year’s world-class presentations. Supported by our Communications Coordinator and event wrangler Carolyn Collins Petersen, Membership Manager Lori Furstenburg, Treasurer Karen Roney, and Webmaster Daniel Baron, we have all worked hard for many months to make your visit enjoyable.

A BIG THANKS to all of our sponsors, media partners, affiliates, presenters, and volunteers for being part of our movement called IMERSA. Your generous contributions help make this Summit possible and provide the resources for our important work year-round. By the close of this event, you will have found new friends, methods and energy to pursue our common goal of expanding the possibilities of immersive experiences. We are looking forward to your active participation in what promises to be a most stimulating and enjoyable week and a great year for fulldome!

Thanks to you all for supporting IMERSA!

Dan Neafus

Dan has produced engaging audience experiences for over 30 years,and continues to do so as Operations Manager of one of the finest immersive theaters in the world, the Gates Planetarium. He is President of the Rocky Mountain Planetarium Association and director and founder of IMERSA.

His consulting firm Neafus Network, provides publicand performance artworks across the country. With an emphasis on technology, Dan utilizes many tools in his work, from supercomputer graphics, to 3d sound and automated lighting. His fulldome productions are distributed to theaters world-wide. By collaborating and inspiring fellow visionary pioneers he has charted a course for the future of domed theaters and the immersive experience.

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