Two weeks away from IMERSA 2018

Two weeks away from IMERSA 2018

 Two weeks away from the start of IMERSA 2018. We have an outstanding lineup of presenters and fulldome films to announce in a few days. Over sixty fulldome show producers are anxiously awaiting the results of our member poll and the Summit planning team's final selections. IMERSA is a gathering of the best in the business and we endeavor to screen the best fulldome video artestry from around the world. 

Enthusiastic submissions have arrived from; USA, Canada, Greece, Thailand, Mexico, Poland, Germany, India, Australia, France, Japan, Brazil, South Korea, United Kingdom and Colombia. We have carefully selected representative fulldome videos to screen at this year's event. It is a task that we take very seriously, just as those that have submitted films are passionately enthusiastic about their Fulldome entries.

Dan Neafus

Dan has produced engaging audience experiences for over 30 years,and continues to do so as Operations Manager of one of the finest immersive theaters in the world, the Gates Planetarium. He is President of the Rocky Mountain Planetarium Association and director and founder of IMERSA.

His consulting firm Neafus Network, provides publicand performance artworks across the country. With an emphasis on technology, Dan utilizes many tools in his work, from supercomputer graphics, to 3d sound and automated lighting. His fulldome productions are distributed to theaters world-wide. By collaborating and inspiring fellow visionary pioneers he has charted a course for the future of domed theaters and the immersive experience.

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