Summit Fulldome Show Selections

IMERSA followers have helped us select the following fulldome shows for 2017!


Aurora: Lights of Wonder, Metaspace, Republic of Korea

Art Universe, 360Art.Pro, Thailand

Hello Earth, Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium, Poland

Incoming, California Academy of Sciences

LICHTMOND 3 - Days Of Eternity, Co-produced by Planetarium Hamburg and blu phase media, GERMANY

One Day On Mars, Planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan, Canada

Planet Nine, Adler Planetarium, USA

The Man from the 9 Dimensions, Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation,Tokyo

The Secrets of Gravity - in the footsteps of Albert Einstein, Softmachine Immersive Productions GmbH, Germany

The Secret World of Moths, Nordic Fulldome Production, Heureka - The Finnish Science Centre, Finland

Short Films

Special Places: Writing-on-Stone, Full Circle Visuals, Canada
Keep Searching, Meditative Entertainment and Dreams Lost In Time, USA
Sinkholes in Yucatan: Doors to Another World, Planetarios Digitales, Mexico
Topographical by Nature, RedLine, USA,
200 Years Carl Zeiss, Carl Zeiss AG, Planetarium Division, Germany,
Intensional Particle Dome Installation, Hiroaki Umeda, Japan
Selas, Eugenides Foundation Planetarium,Greece,
Starts of the Stars, INCEPTION Studio, Egypt
A Tale of Scale, Aayushi Fulldome Films, India,
Multiversos, Juliana Arias Ruiz, Columbia
Firework – Magic,, Czech Republic,
Cernunnos, Society des Arts & Technologies / NEST Immersion, canada
La Luz Ma’s Alla’ Del Brillo Y El Color, Planetarios Digitales, Mexico
The Critical Time of the World Civilization, Sarawut ,Chutiwongpeti, Thailand
The Shadow, Joanna Saleta, Poland
Bioinspire, VOID, Turkey

The Pyramids: the Secrets, Inception Studio, Egypt (work in progress)
Mars 1001 Teaser, Mirage3D, the Netherlands, (work in progress)
Curved Space, Michael Fleming, USA, (work in progress)
Earth II,, Czech Republic, (work in progress)

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