The sixth annual IMERSA Summit continued an ongoing conversation about immersive digital cinema for entertainment, education, research science and arts.


IMERSA Summit 2015 Gates Planetarum

Reshaping Our Space: Fulldome and Beyond

 We explored

    • The present and future of immersive content
    • Defining our medium
    • Business stories
    • Building your audience
    • Thinking outside the dome



We experienced

  • Professional development activities
  • Fish1
  • 8K technology demonstrations
  • Convergence, cross-platforming and standards discussions
  • Immersive Cinema; Capture, Production, Distribution and Display

  • Industry research and innovation reports
  • Best of the Best International Fulldome Festival winners
  • Networking - networking - networking




  • AFDI (Association of Fulldome Innovators), IFAA (International Fulldome Arts Alliance), GSCA (Giant Screen Cinema Association), IMERSA (business meetings).
  • IPS Data to Dome workshop
  • Evening live performance CEREMONY







February 26th (Thursday)    

  •  Fulldome professional development workshops and seminars. 


February 27th (Friday)    

  • Fulldome professional development workshops and seminars.
  • Pro.Show networking event,
  • 2015 recognition banquet.
  • Neurodome
  • Bella Gaia: Beautiful Earth by Kenji Williams
  • 8K screenings at the Fiske Planetarium Boulder.


February 28th (Saturday)

  • Fulldome professional development workshops and seminars.
  • Trip to Fiske Planetarium, 8K dome
  • imersaLive presentation of The Kepler Story with Nina Wise


March 1st (Sunday) Forum 2015,

  • meet-up sessions


Who attended ? 

Delegates from all facets of the immersive media marketplace

  • Dome, Giant Screen, 3D and curved screen theater operators
  • Museum and science center professionals
  • Media producers and distributors
  • Audiovisual and technical integratorsurich-0001
  • Themed entertainment community




Summit proceeds support IMERSA projects for the entire year.




  • “After 30 years in the business, I don't think I've ever experienced four days with more useful production and presentation information presented in such a well organized manner.”

    Craig McCaw,

  • “This is fast becoming my favorite conference”  

    Rod Kennedy

  • “ Very cool! Great job and conference!!! See you for SURE next year”

    Glenn Smith, Sky-Skan Europe

  • “In 35 years of conference going the richest experience I have had in terms of both quality of content and people delivering it.”

    John Mizon, Schindler Ltd.


  • Giant Screen Cinema Association
  • Great Lakes Planetarium Society
  • International Fulldome Arts Alliance (IFAA)
  • International Planetarium Society
  • Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival
  • SAT - The Society of Arts and Technology
  • The Art, Research, Technology and Science Laboratory
  • Themed Entertainment Association

Media Partners

  • Fulldome Database
  • Informal Learning Review
  • InPark Magazine
  • The Planetarian

Founding Sponsors

  • Adler Planetarium
  • Audio Visual Imagineering
  • California Academy of Sciences
  • Evans and Sutherland
  • Goto Inc.
  • Immersive Media
  • Loch Ness Productions
  • Louisiana Art and Science Museum
  • Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE)
  • R.S.A. Cosmos
  • SAT - The Society of Arts and Technology
  • Sky-Skan
  • Spherical Media Group
  • The Art, Research, Technology and Science Laboratory
  • The Denver Museum of Nature & Science
  • University of Plymouth
  • Vortex Immersion