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Hold the date for Summit 2017


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Here are a few highlights from Summit 2016

The Future of Immersion - Paul Mobray

New Opportunities for Immersive Experiences - Eric Hanson

Exploding the Frame - Ben Shedd






March 16-20, 2016


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  Cover 2016


Fiske Planetarium event


-to participate in post - Summit conversations



The 7th annual IMERSA Summit continued our conversations between converging business sectors and shaping the immersive arts industry with fulldome and VR film showcases, innovation sessions, networking sessions, and more.

  • The Future of Immersion
  • Challenges and Strategies for Producers
  • Defining Our Audiences

  • 360 Camera Shoot-out
  • Real Developments in Virtual Reality
  • Fulldome Stereo 3D
  • The Craft of Storytelling in Immersive Media
  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dome
  • WOW Moments and Great Storytelling in the Dome
  • 360 Audio in the Dome
  • Fulldome Works in Production
  • MAKING OF Fulldome Features



Exploring the Immersive Universe

  • The future of immersion
  • Immersive cinema and virtual reality: building bridges to the dome theater
  • Success and failure stories: lessons learned
  • Thinking outside the dome, innovators and alternative content in special immersive venues
  • Immersive cinema; capture, production, distribution and display


Fulldome Shows

    Celestial Clutter

  • Clockwork Ocean

    Closer to the Stars Immersa Title  2016
    Edge of Darkness
    FEBRUAR febr detail 01  2016
  • flight over
  • Life under Arctic Sky
  • origins3 2016
    Panic 2 ATT01201
  • relentlessBeautyAudriPhillips 10424 2016
    Space Next
  • theFlowerOfAfterimage  2016
  • Wanna Take A Ride StarlightProductions Imersa Image Bell 2
    We Are Stars
  • habitatearth 728
  • Celestial Clutter
  • Clockwork Ocean
  • Flight Over Groningen
  • Sound and Visuals for Panic Attacks
  • Relentless Beauty
  • The Flower of Afterimage
  • Wanna Take a Ride?

Space Next

SATfest 2015

We Are Stars

Closer to the Stars


Asteroid: Mission Extreme

Life Under The Arctic Sky

Edge of Darkness

Habitat Earth

Relentless Beauty (short)

Flight Over Groningen (short)

Homeomorphism (short)

Clockwork Ocean (short)

FEBRUAR (short)

The Flower of Afterimage (short)

Celestial Clutter (short)

Wanna Take A Ride (short)

Sound and Visuals for Panic Attacks (short)



  • Making-of sessions, presented in the dome by leading producers
  • Extended Works-in-progress sessions featuring fulldome films in development
  • Member-selected screenings of international fulldome films, VR, 3D, audio/video technology demonstrations



Who attended?


Delegates from all facets of the immersive media marketplace -

  • Innovators, consultants, researchers, artists, designers, integrators, performers, producers, distributors, manufacturers, operators and managers.

Who are presenting immersive experiences in -

  • Fulldome, virtual reality, giant screen, 3D and curved screen theaters, museums, science centers, immersive media, projection, 360 audio, themed entertainment, and 3D-spherical-panoramic photography


  • “After 30 years in the business, I don't think I've ever experienced four days with more useful production and presentation information presented in such a well organized manner.”

    Craig McCaw, RoundhouseShows.com

  • “This is fast becoming my favorite conference”  

    Rod Kennedy

  • “ Very cool! Great job and conference!!! See you for SURE next year”

    Glenn Smith, Sky-Skan Europe

  • “In 35 years of conference going the richest experience I have had in terms of both quality of content and people delivering it.”

    John Mizon, Schindler Ltd.


  • Art, Research, Technology and Science Laboratory
  • British Association of Planetaria
  • Fulldome UK
  • Giant Screen Cinema Association
  • Great Lakes Planetarium Society
  • International Fulldome Arts Alliance (IFAA)
  • International Planetarium Society
  • Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival
  • SAT - The Society of Arts and Technology

Media Partners

  • Fulldome Database
  • Informal Learning Review
  • KWP Limited
  • LF Examiner
  • The Planetarian

Founding Sponsors

  • Audio Visual Imagineering
  • California Academy of Sciences
  • Loch Ness Productions
  • Sky-Skan
  • Adler Planetarium
  • Art, Research, Technology and Science Laboratory
  • Evans and Sutherland
  • Louisiana Art and Science Museum
  • Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE)
  • R.S.A. Cosmos
  • SAT - The Society of Arts and Technology
  • Spherical Media Group
  • The Denver Museum of Nature & Science
  • University of Plymouth
  • Vortex Immersion