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A Perspective on Standards For Digital Immersive Theaters PPT

A Planetarians Primer For Fulldome

  • Mark C. Petersen

A proposal for Dome Standards Spatial resolution, luminance and system contrast

  • Martin Howe

A Survey of LargeScale Immersive Displays PDF

  • Ed Lantz

A Survey of LargeScale Immersive Displays PPT

Alldigital Fulldome Immersive Theater Technical and Cost Considerations

Alldigital Fulldome Immersive Theater Technical and Cost Considerations DOC

Best Practices & Guidelines for Immersive Cinema, part1

  • In this first of a two-part paper we describe the critical ways in which the fulldome medium is different from traditional film and what that means for the film-maker. We briefly illustrate the history of pacing in feature Hollywood films, giant screen cinema, and fulldome films; how they have evolved over time; and their consequences for filmmaking. If we accept that full-dome films are a type of immersive cinema in which the audience feels they are experiencing what is shown on screen, then it is possible to create a new theoretical framework of cinematic language and techniques which parallel those in traditional framed film. We outline the key elements of such a system of thinking, and show some examples from films that accommodate this theory. Finally, a dome display gives more directions where visual content can show up; viewers can miss critical on-screen information if they gaze in the wrong direction at the wrong time.

  • Neafus, Wyatt, Yu

Best Practices and Guidelines for Immersive Cinema, part 2

  • In Part II of this paper, we will identify directorial choices about what and how content is shown in order to mitigate this problem.

    In both parts of this paper, we use actual sequences from fulldome films as examples for our analyses, and show frames from them to illustrate our points. Although there are many shows and producers that could have been highlighted, we chose films that we could carefully view while researching this paper, and hence represent a small but (we hope) representative fraction of all produced films.

  • Neafus, Wyatt, Yu

Beyond Planetariums by Ed Lantz

Business Models

Computer Graphics for LargeScale Immersive Theaters COURSE NOTES

  • Ed Lantz

Computer Graphics for LargeScale Immersive Theaters COURSE NOTES

  • Ed Lantz

Computer Graphics for LargeScale Immersive Theaters

  • Ed Lantz


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