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Dome Convergence

Film domes: According to the LF Examiner’s database, there are 99 ‘large-format’* dome theaters (15/70 mainly, plus some 10/70 and 8/70), and this number has been declining. (*Not all of these ‘large-format’ film dome theaters meet the GSCA definition of “giant-screen” because of they fall short of the 60-foot diameter criterion). This is a mature, 40-year old business. The first large-format dome theater, San Diego’s Reuben H. Fleet Science Center’s IMAX® Dome theater, opened in 1973. (Its transition to digital has begun with the recent installation of a new digital dome system (GSX™) from Global Immersion, supplementing the 15/70, IMAX® Dome capability which continues.) Live-action, documentary films are of course the staple for film domes, with running times in the 40-minute range. These dome screens are tilted, usually at a 30-degree angle. The audience, on a steeply-raked seating deck, faces one direction (‘unidirectional’). Seat counts are typically in the 250 – 400 range. Films are licensed on a variable fee, gate share basis – either per head or a percentage of box office. A single, large-format film/mechanical projector with a fisheye lens illuminates an image area that is equal to about two-thirds of a hemisphere.

Three days in the dome in Denver: LF Examiner reports on the 2012 IMERSA Fulldome Summit

by James Hyder

Reprinted with kind permission from LF Examiner, published by Cinergetics LLC. www.lfexaminer.com

About 120 people braved more than a foot of snow to attend the IMERSA Summit in Denver, CO, Feb. 3–5. IMERSA, which stands for Immersive Media, Entertainment, Research, Science, and Arts, is a trade association that brings together digital fulldome theaters, planetariums, and giant-screen theaters. The meeting included screenings of fulldome shows, panel discussions, presentations, and a recognition banquet, and opened with “Fulldome 101,” an optional one-day workshop that introduced the tools and techniques of fulldome production to newcomers to the medium.

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