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There is one thing we can say for certain about cinematic exhibition: change is afoot. Movie theaters are struggling to survive as attendance continues to drop. Creative chains are adding bowling alleys, lounges, and other innovations to maintain revenues. IMAX theaters have split into two camps: those in museums and standalone venues that show documentaries, destination films, and the occasional Hollywood film, and multiplex cinemas with (mostly) not-so-giant screens that run Hollywood films almost exclusively.

Three days in the dome in Denver: LF Examiner reports on the 2012 IMERSA Fulldome Summit

by James Hyder

Reprinted with kind permission from LF Examiner, published by Cinergetics LLC. www.lfexaminer.com

About 120 people braved more than a foot of snow to attend the IMERSA Summit in Denver, CO, Feb. 3–5. IMERSA, which stands for Immersive Media, Entertainment, Research, Science, and Arts, is a trade association that brings together digital fulldome theaters, planetariums, and giant-screen theaters. The meeting included screenings of fulldome shows, panel discussions, presentations, and a recognition banquet, and opened with “Fulldome 101,” an optional one-day workshop that introduced the tools and techniques of fulldome production to newcomers to the medium.

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