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 Produced by the Neurodome team, including Patrick McPike and headed by neuroscientist Jonathan Fisher in partnership with SCISS fulldome theater company. This unique show visualizes real brain data on the dome, showcasing ways to bring neuroimaging to the immersive space. Neurodome gives you an unprecedented view of our place in the universe, and, in turn, where the universe is represented in our brain.


About Neurodome
The NEURODOME project brings cutting-edge neuroscience into immersive display environments. New technology is changing the way that scientists view the brain. At a microscopic level, researchers can visualize sparks of electrical activity in individual neurons and resolve motifs of neural connectivity that ultimately support consciousness, emotions, and complex thought. At a macroscopic level, researchers use clinical imaging technologies to identify, more precisely than ever before, brain regions that underlie this broad repertoire of higher cognitive processes.

But the public rarely gets to see any of that!



In the NEURODOME project, we are bringing this new knowledge and imagery to the public in dome format. Complex 3D biological structures are hard to learn by looking at flat pictures in textbooks. So we're taking advantage of another way people learn about places and complex objects – by touring through the 3D images themselves.

We create real-time tours of the brain and produce films.

Similar to a planetarium “tour of the night sky” event, using state-of-the-art planetarium software, we present real-time tours of the brain.

Our first real-time tour took place in June 2014 at the Morrison Planetarium at The California Academy of Sciences (that’s Jonathan Fisher above in the dome).

Our real time shows have been in collaboration with SCISS, developers of the premiere planetarium software Uniview.

About Staffan Klashed

Mr. Staffan Klashed is the CEO and co-founder of fulldome theater company SCISS, holding a vast experience in the field of science visualization and immersive digital spaces. Over a decade ago, Staffan introduced the visualization software Uniview to the fulldome industry, a project that started as a thesis project in cooperation with the American Museum of Natural History. SCISS and Uniview was quickly established in the industry, and today Staffan and SCISS is the principal of one of the world's leading fulldome system vendors with over 140 installations worldwide. 

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