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IMERSA 2012 Summit

The 2012 IMERSA Summit is set to take place 3-5 February 2012 at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS). “Lessons from our past, Visualizing our future – Winning solutions for the digital dome” is the theme. Registration opens 28 November 2011 at Seating will be limited.

“We have a lot to talk about on the creative side, technology side and the business side,” says IMERSA co-founder Dan Neafus, director of the Gates Planetarium. “This Summit will be a conversation where we can share the wisdom, look at what works, what needs to be done differently, what tools there are and what tools still need to be developed or improved – and move forward.” There will be fulldome film screenings in the Gates Planetarium, keynote speakers, panels, workshops, vendor presentations, and special achievement recognition. An optional Fulldome 101 educational session (separate registration; limit 20) will take place on 3 February. There is also an optional post-Summit ski trip on 5-7 February.

Previous IMERSA Summits have taken place in conjunction with IPS (2008) and the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival Media Symposium (2010). This will be IMERSA’s first independentSummit. Contact <ahref="mailto:<a href="mailto:info=" imersa="" org="">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."><ahref="mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.


Kepler Project presented atCalAcademy

In collaboration with Motion Institute, the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences premiered “The Kepler Project,” a play about Johannes Kepler that makes use of fulldome visuals and solo performance to tell the story of one of history’s great scientists. The play, written and directed by Nina Wise and performed by Scott Coopwood, captures Kepler’s unique capacity to integrate a worldview steeped in mysticism with a rigorous scientific perspective based on observation and experimentation. Zoë Keating composed and performed a multi-layered soundtrack steeped in the “harmony of the spheres” derived by Kepler himself.

The fulldome sequences, primarily programmed in Sky-Skan’s real-time DigitalSky software, allow audiences to experience Kepler’s inner life and thoughts, featuring reproductions of Ptolemaic and Copernican systems as well as the elliptical orbits that Kepler devised. Tim Horn designed and programmed the fulldome sequences, based on concepts by Ryan Wyatt. The play’s finale features a four-minute piece (nicknamed “The Kepler Oscillator”) commissioned from Jan Zehn and Stefan Berke of Cymatrix, creators familiar to attendees of the Jena FullDome Festival. Four showings during the month of November welcomed more than a thousand attendees as part of the Academy’s weekly NightLife Program (as well as more than a hundred middle school students at a morning presentation), and the final evening featured educational programs about space, astronomy, and the Kepler Mission—as well as a showing of the 2009 Star Trek film in the Academy’s 3D Theater! Motion Institute welcomes opportunities to tour The Kepler Project, and the Academy staff will share programming created especially for the play.

More on the Kepler Project:

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numerous="" components="" least="" 44-foot="" diameter="" temporary="" outdoor="" greatly="" resembled="" igloo="" after="" 8="" snow="" fell="" last="" earthmatters="" fidelity="" bright="" showcase="" addition="" workshops="" three="" finalist="" chosen="" mobile="" nearly="" seamless="" negative="" pressure="" fabric="" parking="" lot="" near="">Yellowstone, participants made the most of the opportunity and opened the dome up to local school kids to attend a Uniview tour of the Universe, jointly guided by IMERSA’s Dan Neafus and Ryan Wyatt.

Neafus and Wyatt report that the filmmaking community that attends JHWFF continues to show great interest in fulldome, and several filmmakers would like to work in the field–so they are waiting with anticipation for the big fulldome camera breakthrough to happen, while also keeping an eye on the size of the theater network. Tom Kennedy (California Academy of Sciences) brought a vintage 8mm Nikkor fisheye lens that received a lot of attention. Discussion with 3D film producers, videographers and editors uncovered useful commonalities with dome show production in such things as setting up shots, optimal kinds of camera movements and pacing, and enhancing dimensionality of individual scenes.

JHWFF created a separate category for fulldome this year. The award for Best Fulldome Program went to “Life: A Cosmic Story” from the California Academy of Sciences.

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