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Attention dome theater operators: we’re looking for your feedback! Are we asking the right questions? 

"Digital Planetariums and Giant Screen Digital Domes – Conflict or Convergence?”

Join us for an insightful & interactive panel discussion at IPS2012

Presented by IMERSA

Wednesday, July 25, 11 am – 12 noon
Session Room Number: River Center Meeting Room 5


There are approximately 100 film-based giant screen domes and a roughly equal number of giant screen digital planetariums worldwide. As giant screen domes transition to digital dome projection, how will they differ from digital planetariums? What standards will they adhere to? Will giant screens run fulldome programming and will planetariums run digitized giant screen films? This panel will explore the coming convergence of digital planetariums and giant screen film theaters.



Paul Fraser, Blaze Digital Cinema Works



Michael Daut, Evans & Sutherland

Martin Howe, Global Immersion

John Young, R.H. Fleet Science Center

Steve Savage, Sky-Skan

John Jacobsen, The White Oak Institute


Below is our preliminary list of questions for our panelists. We’re trying to identify the ‘big’ questions that operators need to answer before ‘convergence’ can go much further.

Please let us know what you think! Send an email by July 20th to paul “at” indicating the questions you prefer, including any new questions you’d like to add. (Please reference the question number(s) in your email). Thank you!


  1. The business model: The stark difference in business models means that for convergence to happen, either one side accepts a huge change, or a hybrid approach emerges over time. What do you think SHOULD happen?
  2. Re-formatted giant-screen films for fulldome: Is this showing us the ‘runway’ to convergence, or is it revealing conflicts?
  3. Live-action content: Will digital planetariums accept pre-rendered shows that are mainly live-action? Will audiences accept it?
  4. Flexibility in programming, part 1 – non-astronomy topics: How flexible are digital planetarium in experimenting with non-astronomy programming? How about fiction programming?
  5. Flexibility in programming, part 2 – decision making: Who should be making the decisions about how a theater should be programmed if its equipment allows the operator the ability to screen any format and any content?
  6. Marketing/positioning different dome formats: How should theaters position each of their formats/film types so that audiences are attracted to them?
  7. 3D for the Dome: Do you believe 3D for the dome will be a catalyst for convergence?
  8. The benefits of convergence: What are they? Who benefits the most?
  9. Your question!

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