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CEREMONY with James Hood


James Hood takes you on a journey to the center of your mind.


James Hood has been hard at work developing a fully immersive, sensory stage show to accompany his #1 world music hit album, Ceremony. Those of you who were lucky enough to acquire tickets for his performance at the 2015 IMERSA Summit will be familiar with his innovative approach to live entertainment. At this event the audience is invited to journey into the heart of the Ceremony album in the 360-degree, immersive dome where they will be bathed in the sights and sounds of Ceremony itself.




The show is an experience for all the senses; sight, sound, taste, smell and touch are all pivotal aspects. Taking the symbiotic connection between sight and sound to another level, the show organically soars as James Hood's sensual and hypnotic music links itself majestically to Tatiana Plakhova's stunning imagery, which unfolds all around you. This combination of music and light is a powerful elixir for even the most jaded mind.


This multi-sensory experience will take the audience on a powerful journey from the moment they arrive. They will be welcomed into an enticing womb-like atmosphere that offers an inspiring forum for a joyful exploration of the self. There is great potential for personal transformation, epiphany and growth. 


James Hood will present us with an opportunity to fully experience the extraordinary visceral and cleansing aspects that immersive media can offer. It allows the deeper dimensions of the mind to come forward. James Hood is spearheading a new kind of live entertainment. Using his mastery of the PANart instrument he creates a sonic celebration, which aims to reach the very highest part of us. He extracts soulful, almost primordially beautiful sounds and polyrhythms from this rare and magical instrument.


Throughout his career James Hood has been known as a visionary and musical alchemist. He gained early notoriety both through drumming for the Pretenders and as a pioneer of electronic ambient music in the UK. However his best-known work is the orchestral digital magnificence of his Moodswings project. Spanning four albums he has created deep and joy filled conscious electronica, which has influenced many EDM artists over recent years.


Ceremony is showing free to all registered delegates at the 2015 IMERSA Summit on Wednesday evening February 25th at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Gates Planetariumevent and held in partnership with the Vortex Immersion Dome and The Art of Sound. The Art of Sound specializes in traditional music+art fusion events and 360 immersive dome experiences.

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