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Denver, Colorado USA -- The 2012 IMERSA Summit is set to take place 3-5 February 2012 at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS). "Lessons from our past, Visualizing our future: Winning solutions for the digital dome" is the theme.

The two-and-a-half-day Summit is organized by IMERSA (Immersive Media, Entertainment, Research, Science & Arts) - a nonprofit trade group formed in 2008 to boost the adoption and creative application of the digital dome and other immersive media formats






Thanks to you all for the tireless, awesome work at the Summit! Turned out great!
Vance Howard

It was exciting and inspiring, and some of the people I met have really opened my mind.
Karen Hatlestad

We had a great time, met some great folks and saw some good fulldome work.
Jay Heinz

The conference was a phenomenal opportunity to meet many talented, creative, and interesting people in diverse sectors of immersive media. I learned a great deal about the field and spent time with a number of people who share common interests. It was a wonderful conference, and that must have something to do with the sense of community that exists among us such that we treat each other with respect, interest and support.
Barry Perlus

Many, many thanks. I really enjoyed it, including the Colorado Snow!
Antonio Pedrosa

I learned so much from the presentations and from conversations I had throughout the weekend, and I had such a great time not only seeing colleagues but meeting new people and discussing ways our industries can work together. At this summit and at GSCA events, I'm continually amazed at the caliber of people, ideas, and talent, as well as the generosity and support that everyone offers each other. 
Kelly Germain

It was very good to put a face on many names and to get a clear overview of the dome ecosystem. The atmosphere was friendly which made it easy to talk with the various people attending the Summit.
Jérémie Gerhardt

IMERSA absolutely seems to have established itself as the organization best able to bring everyone together to really have these conversations and address the problems we face, as well as doing an incredible job of cross-pollinating several formerly isolated areas of immersive media. So thank you all for making this summit happen, I was very pleased to attend and look forward to the continuing work of IMERSA.
Daniel R. Tell

Thank you for the amazing Summit! We learned a lot and made lots of great connections.
Darlene H. Grimes

Many many thanks for the incredible IMERSA experience in Denver! We left town with our heads buzzing and with our pockets full of business cards from our new friends in the fulldome community.

Count on seeing more of us, and—in time, we hope--count on seeing the new fulldome films we plan to produce. 

You are doing a fabulous service to this exciting new industry, and we are more than eager to contribute in any way we can.
Barry and Terry Clark.



Learning from the Past... Immersed In The Future

Fulldome Marketplace

     Industry Standards

          Digital Convergence


Presented in Association with:

  • Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA)
  • Producers Guild of America (PGA)
  • Themed Entertainment Association (TEA)
  • Great Lakes Planetarium Association (GLPA)
  • Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS)

 Principal Sponsors

  • Evans and Sutherland
  • California Academy of Sciences
  • Ilusa Media
  • Heureka - The Finnish Science Centre’s Planetarium
  • Sky-Skan
  • Global Immersion

Networking in the Summit 2012 Lounge, a high tech gathering place.

Recognition Banquet

Fulldome film screenings featuring:

  • Best of the Best from International Immersive Cinema festivals
  • Short films and trailers
  • Recent releases
  • Sneak previews of work in progress

 Speakers and Panels on:

  • Shooting methods and equipment
  • Production workflow for special venue and Planetariums
  • Distribution standards, challenges and opportunities
  • Exhibition systems and new technology
  • Marketplace, past, current and future
  • Production design for the dome




Featured speakers

 Guest speakers

Click HERE for speaker Bios

 Presentations will offer:

  • Fulldome film screenings
  • The art & science of immersive cinema
  • Standards Forum
  • Business model development
  • Methods and equipment for image capture
  • Production workflowDistribution
  • Exhibition systems and technologyNetworking opportunities

Additional options:

  • All-day “Fulldome 101” workshop (separate registration) on 3 February.

According to IMERSA, people who will benefit from attending the Summit include:

  • Digital system vendors
  • Planetarium operators
  • Museum and science center community
  • Media producers or distributors
  • Audiovisual and technical integrators
  • Themed entertainment community
  • Giant screen cinema community

Don't miss out, seating limited!

  • February 3rd (all day) FD 101 workshops
  • Friday afternoon February 3rd to Sunday afternoon February 5th Summit 2012 events

Immersive Media Entertainment, Research, Science and Art (IMERSA) announces its first independent Summit of leaders in the Full-Dome entertainment field.  To be held  February 3-5, 2012 at the Denver Museum of Natural Science (DMNS) in  Denver, Colorado, the theme of this meeting is “Learning from our past, visualizing our future: winning solutions for the digital dome.”

The IMERSA Summit 2012 will include Fulldome film screenings, sessions, and panels on the art and science of immersive cinema:  business model development, shooting methods and equipment, production workflow, distribution, exhibition systems and technology, just to name a few areas of discussion.  Of course there also will be numerous opportunities to network with fellow participants!

For those new to this field, the IMERSA Summit 2012 has planned an all-day workshop focusing on the “nuts and bolts” of this exciting entertainment medium.  Proceeding the Summit on February 3, Fulldome 101 will cover the basics of shooting and producing for the digital dome.

If you are a member of IMERSA, a Fulldome film vendor, producer or licensor, a student or instructor in this emerging media field – or simply a cinema aficionado -  this Summit is for you!

See you at the IMERSA Summit 2012!



Location: Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Denver Colorado USA

Organizer:IMERSA (Immersive Media, Entertainment, Research, Science & Arts) nonprofit trade group

Registration: Opens in mid-November<ahref="http: www="" imersa="" org="" target="_blank" a="" p="" strong="" fees="" 400="" summit="" early="" bird="" registrants="" and="" members="" earn="" discount="" 270="" rate="" deadline="" of="" january="" 3="" sup="" rd="" 150="" fulldome="" 101="" workshops="" friday="" sessions="" limit="" 20="" participants="" who="" will="" attend="" ul="" li="" supporters="" immersive="" cinema="" aficionados="" from="" around="" the="" world="" film="" vendors="" producers="" licensors="" gsca="" tea="" pga="" representatives="" higher="" education="" students="" instructors="" opportunities="" for="" participation="" contact="" href="" info="" about:="" sponsorship="" joining="" planning="" committee="" leading="" session="" or="" presentation="" volunteering="" at="" scholarship="" highlights:="" pre-event="" master="" showfile="" ratification="" amp="" standards="" roadmap="" discussion="" evening="" reception="" screenings="" commercially="" sponsored="" films="" dmns="" best="" screenings:="" short="" trailers="" polls="" nominations="" festival="" winners="" curated="" new="" released="" after="" august="" 3rd="" 2011="" vendor="" demo="" area="" hands-on="" demonstrations="" open="" forums="" networking="" sharing="" interactive="" international="" via="" internet="" conferencing="" speakers="" panels:="" acquisition="" workflow="" distribution="" exhibition="" history="" marketplace="" future="" recognition="" banquet="" saturday="" night="" hospitality="" services="" available="" throughout="" event="" by="" recommended="" accommodations:="" doubletree="" hilton="" 3203="" quebec="" street="" span="" dtx-highlight-backgroundcolor="lime" id="dtx-highlighting-item" denver="" colorado="" united="" states="" 80207="" phone:="" 1-303-321-="" 3333="" radisson="" stapleton="" plaza="" hotel="" 303="" 321-3500="" style="text-align: -webkit-auto;">


IMERSA - Immersive Media, Entertainment, Research, Science& Arts - is an international non-profit professional organization that celebrates and promotes immersive andfulldome media for education and entertainment in planetariums, schools, museums, cinemas, events and attractions. Mandated to raise the profile and professionalism of its members, IMERSA bridges many disciplines including researchers, artists and technicians. IMERSA is a driver and nexus for communication, collaboration, experimentation, education and promotion of digital immersive media in a variety of formats and functions.

IMERSA co-founders are Dan Neafus, director of the Gates Planetarium at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Ed Lantz of Vortex Immersion and Ryan Wyatt, director of visualization for the California Academy of Sciences.

About the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is the Rocky Mountain Region's leading resource for informal science education. A variety of engaging exhibits, discussions and activities help Museum visitors celebrate and understand the natural wonders of Colorado, Earth and the universe. The Museum is located at 2001 Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO, 80205. To learn more about the Museum, check


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