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2013 IMERSA Summit in Denver: content creation & business models

Pro Dev sessions were popular

More than 150 attendees enthusiastically participated in IMERSA's series of professional development workshops and industry conference at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science Feb 14-17. True to the “Immersive Storytelling” theme, fulldome content development was a primary focus throughout. Pro Dev sessions explored tools and techniques, such as live-action capture rigs, compositing software and photogrammetry. Hands-on workshops addressing workflow and 360 cameras and gear such as Hero 360, RED, Epic and the Canon fisheye tests made it clear that 4K acquisition for fulldome is now viable.

IMERSA 2013 Summit report from LF Examiner

DautKraupeWiktoretc panelMany thanks to James Hyder of LF Examiner for sharing his report on the 2013 IMERSA Summit, which took place in February at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Originally published in LF Examiner, Feb.-March 2013. (c) 2013 by Cinergetics, LLC.

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More than 150 people attended the 2013 IMERSA Summit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Feb. 14–18. IMERSA, which stands for Immersive Media, Entertainment, Research, Science and Arts, is a professional association founded to advance and promote the art and science of large-scale digital immersive media...


Multimedia producer George Wiktor to speak at IMERSA Summit Feb 14-17 in Denver

At the IMERSA 2013 Fulldome Summit in Denver (Feb 14-17), George Wiktor of The GW Group joins the panel discussion, “Playing Together under the Dome,” addressing the creative potential of digital dome cinema. Wiktor, a past president of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), is an accomplished producer of media-based attractions that employ storytelling to educate and entertain at museums, world expos and amusement parks.

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