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Fulldome titles expand the Earth Science genre


Supervolcanoes masthead Earth science titles enrich the fulldome content library

Earth is ready for her closeup. With the availability of ever more detailed material and information captured through satellites, coupled with the ability to exhibit said material ever more effectively in the digital dome environment, the fulldome content library continues to evolve and diversify. Astronomy and space science titles have been joined by shows about earth science, heliophysics, weather patterns and more.


poster ClimateChange Albedo

 The art of data visualization has empowered new genres of education and entertainment for the dome, and Earth science is one of the expanding categories. “I would venture to say that Earth science is probably the second biggest genre in the fulldome medium right now,” says Mike Bruno of Spitz Creative Media, which has been involved in originating several successful Earth Science fulldome productions, including the Zula Patrol series, Dynamic Earth and Supervolcanoes. Other shows include Wildest Weather in the Solar System (National Geographic Cinema Ventures), Earthquake: Evidence of a Restless Planet (California Academy of Sciences), Planet Earth 3D - Expedition Green (Planetarium Hamburg) and Kenji Williams's live traveling production Bella Gaia. Evans & Sutherland contributions include its numerous giant screen film conversions, such as Forces of Nature, Tornado Alley and Wild Ocean.

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