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IMERSA to share new research findings at 2014 Summit, and publish them afterward

summitbanner2IMERSA helps encourage growth and innovation in the immersive digital media space by promoting research that uncovers opportunities and reveals important trends. Attend IMERSA Summit 2014 and you'll be among the first to benefit from the presentation of several new studies by experts, helping to portray where our industry is today and where it may be headed over the next 5 years.


The research presentations at IMERSA Summit 2014 will include:

Convergence between fulldome and giant-screen film domes

PSF Photo InternetIMG 9812nt-cropPaul Fraser of Blaze Digital Cinema Works (pictured at left) will share the results of an original research study on the opportunities for convergence between the operators of the larger fulldome theaters and giant-screen film domes that will digitize in the next few years. A roundtable discussion will follow. Scroll down to see more detail on this session.


IMERSA Research Bytes: Industry Data Snapshots
Producers: Chris Hill, Sliced Tomato Productions, Alan Caskey, Holovis

Moderator: Alan Caskey, Holovis

IMERSA Research Bytes will present, in a moderated forum, industry snapshots shared by the experts as listed below. The moderator will summarize the material and query the researchers. Audience Q & A will follow.

mark c Petersen midresMark Petersen of Loch Ness Productions (pictured at left): Growth and trends in the fulldome planetarium network, and analysis of fulldome show pricing.

Mike Bruno of Spitz Inc. is sharing a model for generating revenue in the production and distribution of high-end fulldome shows

Dario Tiveron of The Fulldome Database (FDDB.org): Trends in fulldome show production.

Mark Dvorchak of Pro Forma Advisors LLC : An overview and valuation of the fulldome industry that includes comparisons to other out-of-home entertainment sectors with observations on pricing models and aspects of operations and distribution.

Steering an Immersive Dome Theater toward Success - IMERSA Summit 2014 - Brian Wirthlin, Ian McLennan and...

Brian WirthlinSteering an immersive dome theater toward success - Roundtable session at IMERSA Summit 2014, March 6-9 in Denver

With Brian Wirthlin (photo at left), Ian McLennan (photo at right), Berend Reijnhoudt and Dan Neafus. Success in a theater space means delivering great guest experiences, operating in the black, filling the seats and generating return visits. Effective marketing, creative thinking and the support of the community are key to getting there. Multimedia, live performance and local resources can all work for you to unlock the untapped potential of your dome - including being a planetarium. Learn first-hand about successful - and not-so-successful - experiences and experiments from top names in the field.


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The pros & perils of 8K ! IMERSA Summit - March 9 at Fiske

Fiske Reopen.CC159

An 8K evening at Fiske Planetarium - Sunday, March 9 in Boulder

Hear from the early adopters and suppliers of 8K fulldome and see it for yourself!

Note: This event is included in the Summit, but can also be attended as a single ticketed event. To inquire, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The grand finale of IMERSA Summit 2014 will take place at Fiske Planetarium, which recently unveiled a new 8K Sky-Skan system - one of the few 8K dome systems in the world. Refreshments, screenings, facility tours and a panel discussion are all on the program.

Don't miss this opportunity to see one of the first 8K installations in North America up close, and see screenings of 8K content and hear from 8K suppliers, 8K system owners and operators, and 8K producers.

Panel Discussion: The Pros and Perils of 8K

Speakers include Chris Maytag (Fiske Planetarium), Mark Webb and Patrick McPike (Adler Planetarium), Andrew Johnston (Einstein Planetarium, National Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution), Steve Savage (Sky-Skan), Michael Daut (E&S), Martin Howe (Electrosonic), and Staffan Klashed of SCISS.

After the last Sunday session takes place in Denver, shuttles will bring delegates to the Fiske Planetarium, and take them back to the Denver hotel at the end of the evening, which will conclude about 11 pm. (Shuttles will start running about 10 pm)

Laser Fantasy will provide a laser show finale to the evening!


Jeri in the Sky with Diamonds

Jeri Panek new headshot Feb 19 2014 lowerres

Jeri Panek will receive lifetime achievement honors at the 2014 IMERSA Summit, March 6-9 in Denver. Judith Rubin wrote this article about Panek's career, which spans the birth of the computer industry and the creation of the digital planetarium

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Copyright 2014 by Judith Rubin, all rights reserved.

They call her "Mother Digistar," and it's a name she earned over the course of a stellar career (pun intended). Jeri Panek, Director of Sales at Evans & Sutherland, has been with that company since 1980, and her estimable sales record must be credited for introducing and popularizing the digital planetarium, and putting in place a vast part of today's fulldome theater network.

Something that is easy to forget nowadays, but essential to this story is that the development of the digital planetarium was a counterpart to the development of computer graphics technology and the personal computer culture – and that Jeri Panek was on the scene for all of those.

After attending the University of Utah in the 1960s and studying public relations and computer science, Jeri Panek was hired at Univac (now Unisys) in a public relations position.

While she was at Univac, the University of Utah Computer Science Dept. came calling. “At the time, this was one of the premier places in the world for computer graphics research,” she recalls. “Robert Taylor called me in for an interview, as one of very few people then familiar with both computers and PR.” (Taylor was a leader in the early research and development of the personal computer and the Internet, and then the head of ARPA research at the University of Utah – ARPA was a government agency connected to the US Department of Defense.)

Although, says Panek, she “wasn't looking for a new job,” Taylor advised her to keep an open mind. “He said, 'Pretend you're twins. You meet again in five years. Which one will be further ahead and will it matter?'"

Jeri Panek, the birth of the computer industry and the digital planetarium

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Fri night through Sunday sessions & events, IMERSA Summit 2014, March 6-9 in Denver

IMERSA Summit 2014 - Sessions & Events Fri night thru Sun, March 7-9

All information subject to change without notice

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Summit kickoff – Friday evening
4:30 - 5:30 pm Lessons learned from award winning producers
Panel discussion

5:30 - 6:00 pm Keynote address: The art of scientific visualization – Donna Cox
Using the tools of scientific visualization to communicate authentic science to the public and tell great stories. Dr Cox will be introduced by Jeff Jortner, president of SIGGRAPH.

6:00 - 6:30 pm Welcome Reception sponsored by Seiler Instrument/Carl Zeiss

6:30 - 8:00 Opening Banquet sponsored by Attraktion!/Sphere of Light Award with greetings from Ian McLennan, acknowledgments and announcements from IMERSA friends and affiliates: SAT, Sphere of Light Award and others TBD.

Friday night screenings & demos

7:15-8pm pm "Flight of the Butterflies"

8:00-8:40 pm "Dream to Fly"

8:40 – 9:30 pm "Flight of the Butterflies"

9:30-10:00 pm "The Life of Trees"

10:00-10:30 pm "Dream to Fly"

10:30 pm "LIVE" Signal 2 Noise

9:30-11:30 pm Shuttles to Hotel

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