• 4:30 – 6:00 – Doubletree Hotel


      Registration opens at 2:00 pm

      Appetizers and pay bar to kick off the Summit!

    • 6:30 – 7:30 - Session A – Gates Planetarium

      CAMERA MATTERS - Latest digital camera technology - 8K and more!

      Producer: Michael Daut
      Description: We will see examples of the latest 8K digital camera capture technology for traditional cinematography, hemispherical/spherical capture, and VR. Including 8K digital camera tests from GSCA dome demo.

    • 7:30 – 8:00 – GATES PLANETARIUM

      SHOW 1 and shorts

      Aurora: Lights of Wonder (full-length feature)
      Sinkholes of Yucatan, Doors to Another World (short subject)

    • 8:30 – 10:30 – GATES PLANETARIUM

      SHOWS 2, 3

      Full Length Shows

      Secret World of Moths

      US premiere of LICHTMOND


      Short Subjects

      La Luz Mas Alla Del Brilllo Y el Color
      Special Places: Writing-on-Stone


    • 9:00 - 10:30 am - Session B- DMNS Auditorium

      Audience Matters: Cultivating New Audiences

      Producer: Kim Nickels

      Panelists: Kent Maahs, Ron Proctor, Tina Ratterman, Ty Owen

      The dome has been at home in planetarium settings for almost 80 years, but what about other uses of the dome that are designed specifically to reach a variety of audiences. What kinds of content have been effective, and what audiences are they attracting? We will discuss ways to program immersive experiences in the dome that reach far beyond astronomy, into other sciences, research, current events, and entertainment.

    • 11:00 am - 12:30 pm - Session C - DMNS Auditorium

      System Matters: Making Decisions

      Generously sponsored by Christie Digital

      Producer: Ian McLennan

      Panelists. Dr. Jim Barath, Michael Daut, Chuck Rau, Ryan Wyatt.

      Choosing a digital fulldome system is a challenging process that requires research and a wide knowledge of available technology. This session is designed to help you focus your efforts and create a checklist of things you need to consider when selecting a system based on your needs assessment. We will walk through the creation of both a needs assessment and a checklist for your RFP process.

    • 2:15 - 3:30 pm - Session D - Gates Planetarium

      Technology Matters: Calibration and Demonstrations

      Producers: Dan Neafus and Michael Daut (as GSCA Technical Committee Co-Chair)

      Presenters: Charlie Morrow, Pierre Brand, representing the International Planetarium Society audio committee

      Maren Kiessling: High Frame Rate researcher

      There is a lot of technology that has to come together to create a successful immersive dome experience. We will explore key components of the technology including video projectors, audio, video playback, and real time simulation software and demonstrate (integration, engineering and measurement guidelines) the power and capabilities of the state-of-the-art in technology and how it can serve your theater. Also included: an HFR demo, IPS audio standards, DIGSS, and AFDI discussions.

      Short excerpt - The Incredible Sun

    • 4:00 - 5:30 pm - Session E - Gates Planetarium

      Science Matters: Accuracy in Immersion

      Producer: Mark SubbaRao

      Presenters: Ryan Wyatt, Carolyn Collins Petersen, Dr. Donna Cox

      Description: A majority of immersive domes exist in museums and science centers, so accuracy of the information presented in fulldome shows is extremely important to the mission of the institutions who exhibit the shows. The balance between accuracy and portraying scientific concepts that are understandable and accessible to the general public is often a creative challenge. We will explore the challenges and solutions in this engaging panel of experts who face these issues on a regular basis.

    • 6:00 – 7:00 – Session F – Gates Planetarium

      Design Matters: The Language of Immersive Cinema

      Producer: KaChun Yu 

      Presenters: Ryan Wyatt, Paul Mobray, Maciej Mucha
      Although fulldome cinema is an offspring of traditional cinema, it has unique attributes that lead to different rules for effective storytelling. We discuss these concepts including defining the “frame” in an otherwise frame-less medium, the camera language unique to immersive cinema, the pacing of editing, and how to draw attention and focus of the audience members to content within the dome when they have the flexibility to look anywhere within the hemispherical display.

    • 7:00 - 8:15 Shows

      Fulldome Shows

      Short shows
      Fireworks -- Magic

      Full-length shows

      Man from 9 Dimensions 


      8:15 p.m. Dinner on Your Own (shuttles to hotel)

    • 9:00 -10:30 am - Session G - DMNS Auditorium

      Interaction Matters: Live Shows and What it Takes to Succeed

      Producer: Samantha Richards

      Panelists: Nick Lake, Sebastien Gauthier and Maxime Pivin LaPointe, Jose Zuniga.

      Real time graphics systems in digital fulldome systems offer theaters the opportunity to take their audiences on virtual and often interactive, presenter-led journeys through the known universe. These “live” experiences are often rated extremely highly and can leave a lifelong impression on the audience. We will discover techniques and best practices to help make your live shows succeed.


    • 11:00 am - 12:30 pm - Session H - DMNS Auditorium

      VR/AR Matters: Personalized Immersion

      Producer: Paul Fraser

      Speaker/Panelist: Carson Malone, Moody Mattan, Paul Mowbray, Robin Sip.

      Virtual reality (VR) is at the forefront of individualized immersive experiences designed to be personal gateways into virtual worlds. A panel of experts will guide us through the latest tech and content to give us a clearer view of the present and an enticing glimpse at the future.

    • 12:30 – 2:00 lunch

    • 2:00 – 5:00 DMNS ATRIUM


      IMERSA’s annual networking event bringing together professionals in all aspects of immersive production to show off their wares and talk shop in an exhibit setting.

    • 5:00 – 5:30 – Gates Planetarium

      SHOW 4

      Planet Nine, fulldome feature length show

    • 5:30 – 6:15– Gates Planetarium

      SHOW 5

      Secrets of Gravity - full length show

    • 6:00 – 6:30 – COCKTAILS

    • 6:00 – 7:45 – 2017 IMERSA Banquet, DMNS South Atrium


      Wonderful dinner and awards ceremony for Lifetime Achievement honoree Dr. Donna Cox.

      Generously supported by ZEISS

    • 7:45 – 8:30– Gates Planetarium

      Keynote speaker Dr. Donna Cox

       200 Years of Zeiss, short film

      Donna Cox Keynote  (Gates Planetarium)


    • 8:30 – 10:00 – Gates Planetarium

      Production Matters: Works in Production (WIP's) and Festival Shorts
      Producer: Tom Casey 
      A look at the latest fulldome productions in progress with an opportunity to give the producers valuable feedback on their shows and your interest in them. 
      Works in Production
      Faster than Light, Mike Bruno
      Earth II
      The Pyramids, The Secrets, Amr Ellaithy
      Mars 1001, Robin Sip
      Kyma,Rene Chenier (producer), Bruno Colprin, Philippe Baylaucq (director) 
      Short Films
      The Shadow
      A tale of Scale
      Starts of the Stars
    • 10:00 – 10:40 – Gates Planetarium

      SHOW 6

      One Day on Mars  (Full-length Live Performance)

    • 9:00 - 10:30 am - Session J - SIE Auditorium

      IMERSA Matters: Strategy Session

      Producer Ryan Wyatt

      Description: IMERSA exists to bring together various communities that are approaching immersive media in sometimes similar and often very different ways. How can we be most effective in advancing the art and knowledge of the medium. Join us for this strategic planning session to let your voice be head and to join the movement. 

      Included will be a short presentation about fulldome in the corporate world, by Toby Friedl.

    • 11:00 am - 12:30 pm - Session K - SIE Auditorium

      11:00 – 12:30 – Business Matters

      Producer: Matt Heenan

      Panelists: Dani LeBlanc, Sebastien Gauthier, Ron Proctor.

      How a theater is positioned and marketed to the community is hyper-critical to its success. There are numerous factors that can either undermine or contribute to the health of a theater and its ultimate financial success. A team of theater operators and marketing experts will engage in a compelling discussion to illuminate the pathways to effectively market a theater, the institution, and the immersive experience.

    • 2:00 - 3:30 pm - Session L - SIE Auditorium

      Submitted Presentations

      Producer: Monica Bolles
      Description: Submitted Presentations from our colleagues
      1) Feeding Fulldome to the Masses: Looking Back and Peering Forward, Mark Petersen
      2) Beyond The Frame: When your screen is water, a building, ora a dome, Yuri Kostenko
      3) Virtual Reality for Education: The Destination Pluto VR Experience, Tom Casey
      4) The Reality of Virtual Collections: A Museum Application, Rich Busch
      5) Hight Frame Rate Live Study in Fulldome, Maren Kiessling

    • 3:45 - 5:00 pm - Session M - SIE Auditorium

      Submitted Presentations

      Producer: Monica Bolles
      Short presentations from immersive experts.

      1) We Are Stars - Lesson Learned, Paul Mowbray
      2) Behind the Scenes of Spontaneous Fantasia, J Walt
      3) Fulldome Time-lapse Photography, Maciej Mucha
      4) The Earth Theater, Mischa Horninge
      5) Production of The Incredible Sun, Brno Observatory


    • 5:15 – 7:00 dinner on your own

    • 7:30 – 8:15 pm - Session N - Gates Planetarium (Copy)

      Spontaneous Fantasia, a live performance by J-Walt.
    • 7:00 – 7:30 pm - Fulldome Shows

      Hello Earth

      (Full length show)

      Selas (short show)


    • 8:30 – 10:30 pm - Session N - Gates Planetarium

      Art Matters: Creativity in the Dome

      Producer: Ty Owen Panelists: Ben Gondrez, Dani LeBlanc, Audri Phillips, Mike Sperandeo, Sam Stevens, Hiroaki Umeda

      This session, hosted by Ty Owen spotlights some of the latest cutting-edge art pieces designed for immersive spaces and the technology and techniques used to create them. This session will explore challenges in creating immersive experiences and show why art matters to the gatekeepers of immersive facilities. Attendees will be treated to a visual and sonic feast of what is possible today and in the future of immersion.

      Panelists: Audri Phillips, Pablo Montero, Sam Stevens

      SHORT FILMS • Keep Searching • Intensional Particle 

      10:00 -10:30 p.m
      Art Universe (full-length feature)

    • 9:30 – 10:30 am Workshop at Doubletree Hotel

      Gravitational Lens Techniques with Blender, Ron Proctor

      Learn how to simulate a gravitational lens using Blender. Taught by Ron Proctor, Clark Planetarium.

    • 10:30 – 11:30 am Workshop at Doubletree Hotel

      Workshops (Concurrent)

      A) Live Presenters for Planetarium Shows - Sebastien Gauthier
      B) Microdose VR - Neil Davenport
      c) IMERSA teams meetings and strategy implementation.

    • 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Workshop

      Workshops (concurrent)

      A) Timelapse Photography - Maciej Mucha
      B) Optimizing After Effects Projects - Jennifer Deafenbaugh
      C) Summit 2018 planning forum with COSI

    • 2:00 - 3:30 IMERSA team meetings and wrap-up


      IMERSA teams meetings and strategy implementation. Wrap up. All are welcome.

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