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British Association of Planetaria

The BAP promotes planetaria as a powerful means of inspiring interest and increasing understanding of space and the sky at night.


A planetarium provides a fully immersive environment where people can view the stars (among many other things) at any time they wish in an awe inspiring environment. Such an experience provides a great spectacle for whatever event you are planning, and they are a fantastic learning resource for the topic of space and astronomy. There are dozens of different planetarium facilities across The UK and Ireland, some are fixed planetaria which you can visit, or there are mobile planetaria that can visit your school, town/village hall, or wherever you may be holding your event.

The British Association on Planetaria (BAP) is the members association for planetaria (plural of planetarium) across the UK and Ireland. There are many planetaria out there and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right one for your event. With this website you will be able to find your nearest fixed planetarium or find which mobile planetaria can visit you, along with their contact details and a short summary of the services they offer.


Members of the BAP Council

Mark Watson
BAP President and IPS Representative
Winchester Science Centre & Planetarium thumb-no-photo

Matina Payton
BAP Secretary & Membership Officer
Explorer Dome, Bristol thumb-no-photo

Edward Bloomer
BAP Treasurer
Royal Observatory, Greenwich thumb-no-photo

Dr Jenny Shipway
BAP Past President
Winchester Science Centre & Planetarium

British Association of Planetaria

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